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2-Step Create

Polls can be created from anything that is in a list, such as Search Results or Favorites Pages.

This allows us to create the poll automatically for the user with a single click, so they don't have to do the work of creating the poll manually. But sometimes users may want a little more control. They may not want every item from the search results included in their poll, especially if there are a lot of results!

For these situations, we offer a feature called 2-Step Create which breaks the process of creating a poll into 2 steps.

1. Create Draft Poll

First, a draft poll is created from the list. This is done exactly the same way as creating a normal poll, with the addition of a property state: PollState.draft.

  let poll = Poll(ownerId: ownerId,                  settings: settings,                  title: title,                  options: options,                  state: .draft)

2. Modifying a Draft Poll

When the draft poll is opened, the user will be able to choose which of the items they want to include before publishing the poll.

Publishing a Poll

Once the user has decided which items to include, they can tap Launch Poll. At this point, the poll will be finalized and published and will work exactly the same as a normal poll.